Understanding the Various Types of Caravans You Can Use for Camping

Very few things can be as interesting, fun and relaxing as camping. Camping allows you to explore the beauty that mother nature has to offer. Walks during the day, sightseeing and mountain climbing are some of the things you can do sitting around a bonfire for the better part of the night. On such occasions, you need something that will enable you to carry all the stuff you need. This is where caravans come in handy, and understanding the various kinds of caravans available in the market will help you make the right choice. So here they are:

Twin Axle Caravans

Twin axle caravans come with a set of two axles that can hold up to eight wheels depending on the size of the caravan. These caravans are very stable and easy to tow using your car or truck, as the additional axle makes the more stable. They are also able to carry lots of luggage as the weight is distributed over the two sets of axles. On the downside, twin axle caravans are difficult to manoeuvre around the camping site when you are pitching.

Tiny Teardrop Trailer

Tiny teardrop trailers or caravans are small, personalised units that you can use when you are going camping alone. They are also ideal when you have little baggage to take with you for the vacation. If you are using a small vehicle, sports car or classic car, you should go for this type of caravan. It has basic accommodation facilities, with the sleeping area covering the whole floor. Some of them have a little more room for carrying kits, equipment or cooking facilities.

Conventional Caravan

Conventional caravans are the popular single axle caravans that have an interior space measuring between three and six metres. These types of caravans can accommodate between two to six people depending on the layout inside. Most of them come with in-house utilities to guarantee comfort and convenience. These utilities include a kitchen area, bathroom, toilet and hob. To add on that, they are easy to manoeuvre and pit on the site because of the flexibility allowed by the single axle.  

Folding Caravans

As their name suggests, folding caravans can be folded to form a low trailer. This low trailer transforms into a fully equipped caravan when you unfold it on site. Essentially, folding means that you will need smaller storage space compared to a conventional or twin axle caravan. The sad part is that unfolding this thing on site can be time-consuming process.