Starting to Snowboard: 4 Top Tips

If you have recently purchased a snowboard, you may be getting ready to hit the slopes for the first time. However, before you strap on your board, you should first take a look at the guide below. This guide features 4 top tips, which will help to ensure that your first snowboarding sessions are both enjoyable and safe. Get in Shape Although snowboarding looks like it involves nothing more than zipping down the side of a snow covered mountain, it is, in fact, highly physically demanding. You will use nearly every muscle in your body to control, stop and balance the snowboard. In the weeks before you begin snowboarding, you should do some exercise to build up the strength of your muscles. Take Your Time Even if you have previous experience of sports that are similar to snowboarding, such as skiing or surfing, you should not rush headlong into snowboarding. Although snowboarding is superficially similar to skiing and surfing, you will not be able to just strap on a snowboard and go. You should be prepared to take your time Continue Reading →

Understanding the Various Types of Caravans You Can Use for Camping

Very few things can be as interesting, fun and relaxing as camping. Camping allows you to explore the beauty that mother nature has to offer. Walks during the day, sightseeing and mountain climbing are some of the things you can do sitting around a bonfire for the better part of the night. On such occasions, you need something that will enable you to carry all the stuff you need. This is where caravans come in handy, and understanding the various kinds of caravans available in the market will help you make the right choice. So here they are: Twin Axle Caravans Twin axle caravans come with a set of two axles that can hold up to eight wheels depending on the size of the caravan. These caravans are very stable and easy to tow using your car or truck, as the additional axle makes the more stable. They are also able to carry lots of luggage as the weight is distributed over the two sets of axles. On the downside, twin axle caravans are difficult to manoeuvre around the camping Continue Reading →

Effective Tennis Training for Well-Rounded Performance

One of the best ways to improve your tennis game is to incorporate multiple methods of training into your workout regime. All too often aspiring athletes forget to develop areas of fitness other than strength and endurance, such as dexterity, agility, speed, power, balance, co-ordination, and reaction time, yet with simple and creative workouts you can enhance all of these aspects and improve your tennis performance.  Speed and Power A successful tennis player is able to adapt to unexpected situations, whether it’s a change of weather that makes the lawn slippery or physical fatigue from over-training. Being a well-rounded player requires a comprehensive approach to be taken. To develop speed, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in the form of suicide runs or sprints is highly effective, not just for building power (the ability to move weight from one position to another in as little time as possible) but also for burning fat from the EPOC Effect, which will cause you to burn calories long after you finish training.  Agility, Reaction Time and Co-ordination To enhance your agility, reaction time and co-ordination, try Continue Reading →