Tips On How You Can Flush Your Outboard Motor

There are many things that can go wrong with an outboard motor or engine. Most of the times, people just take care of the issues that they can see such as washing the motor when it catches dirt. But sometimes, greater damage occurs on the inside of the motor. One potential threat is caused by the accumulation of dirt, sand, and mud in the engine. Any other tiny object that can squeeze into the motor can also cause problems. The solution for dirt and sediments is simple, though; just flush the motor. How Do You Know The Engine Needs Flushing? There are different signs that may point to an engine flush. One is corrosion on the interior of the motor. If you have been sailing on saltwater, the water may find its way into the engine. And if flushing is not done regularly, the water will evaporate and salt will crystallize on the interior of the engine; the effects of salt is corrosion. Buildup of salt in the interior chambers of the motor may also hinder water flow, which may Continue Reading →

Nitrogen Narcosis: A Quick Overview for Divers

Nitrogen narcosis is a condition that any diver can suffer from, though the depth at which its effects hit will vary from diver to diver, and it can be extremely dangerous. No matter your susceptibility, you need to understand what the condition is, as well as how to identify, avoid, and cure it. Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know. What is Nitrogen Narcosis? Nitrogen narcosis is an altered state of mind rather than an actual injury. As you dive deeper and deeper, the pressure of nitrogen and other gases in the air becomes greater. When you breathe in nitrogen at a higher partial pressure, it can produce a narcotic effect known as nitrogen narcosis. The deeper you dive, the more likely you are to experience nitrogen narcosis. How Does Nitrogen Narcosis Feel? Nitrogen narcosis is often described as feeling very similar to alcoholic inebriation, and delivers the following general symptoms: Emotional Changes: Divers often find themselves feeling pleasantly drunk, with strong positive thoughts and a lack of worries. However, some divers may feel the opposite – Continue Reading →

Be ‘Prop Aware’ On Your Bar Crusher This Season

Your Bar Crusher boat is perfect for aquatic leisure and sporting activities during the summer months.  However, when you head off out for a day’s seafaring fun with your family and friends, it’s important to remember that the most dangerous thing you might encounter in the water is not necessarily in possession of a curved dorsal fin and razor sharp teeth. Boat propellers are responsible for many injuries and deaths ever year.  Here’s some sound advice for skippers and passengers on how to ‘Be Prop Aware’ this season. The danger posed by propellers One thing that makes boat propellers so dangerous is that they are hidden under water, out of sight and out of mind.  A boat propeller spins at an extremely fast rate, making many impacts per second as it does so.  This means that a propeller can travel the full length of a swimmer or diver in a matter of milliseconds, causing horrific deep wounds as it does so.  Even if someone survives a propeller strike, their injuries can be disfiguring, disabling and life-changing. Propeller safety tips for Continue Reading →