4 Ways to Substitute Large Baby Items for Caravan-Friendly Alternatives

Going caravanning with babies can be a great way to introduce them to a life of adventure, but you'll need to make some changes to the way you travel. One of those changes should be the substitution of larger baby items and accessories, such as cots, for smaller, more travel-friendly alternatives. Here are just four ways to make those switches with ease.

1. Folding Cot Instead of Static Cot

The cot is one baby product that you definitely don't want to leave home without – a baby can roll out of bed just as easily on the road. However, a traditional cot is probably going to take up most of the space in your caravan. Luckily, there are a number of folding cots on the market that can function as sleeping quarters at night then get packed away when no longer needed.

2. Back Carrier or Papoose Instead of Pram

Caravanning is all about getting out and seeing what the world has to offer, and you'll naturally be wanting to bring your baby along for the ride. traditional prams are quite large and cumbersome, and they are not exactly well suited to travelling across anything except solid pavement. Instead, pack a back carrier or a papoose. This will let you carry your baby around with you. They're also much smaller, easier to pack, and allow you to travel across dirt roads, beaches, or rugged terrain.

3. Kids Folding Camp Chair Instead of High Chair   

A high chair is another one of those items that might be tough to bring caravanning. Instead, see if you can find a folding chair made of fabric that is made for babies. You can even fit a piece of Velcro around them to help create a waist strap. These kind of chairs are light and easily stowed, so you'll be able to bring one with you if you want to head out for a picnic in a nearby field.

4. Journal Instead of Children's Books

If your baby is getting to the age where they like being read to from picture books, it can be tempting to take the whole lot along with you. Instead, pick up a blank journal that you can fill in at the end of each day. You can talk to your baby about what you did as you fill it in, and you can make it more interactive by letting them make marks and handprints on the pages. Better yet, you'll have a great memento for them when they get older.